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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Ok, so this week is *supposed* to be an easy week (only 8.5 hours of working out vs. the usual 12-13--yay!) The swim workout that Richard had us do this morning was EVIL. No other way to describe it really. It was 2800 m continous and it varied from 400 m straight swimming, to 200 m kick, 400m pull, 200 swim, 400 m pull with paddles and so on for 2800 m. I am NOT very strong when it comes to pulling so this was torture for me. To top it off, I had to use paddles, which I haven't used is well over a year so my shoulders were screaming at me by the end of that first 400. I was so tired when I got out of the pool I could have fallen asleep in the shower. I am going to hurt big time tomorrow morining. Thank god I have a massage scheduled for tomorrow night. Now, I just have to try to keep my eyes open for the rest of the day.


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