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Monday, January 23, 2006

The Sky is Falling!

My first official easy week has come to an end. I now have a 12h:45min workout week. Yay. I had a little meltdown on Sunday--once again to do with my running. I got back to the house and checked my average pace and I was pretty pleased with myself (5:20 kms--yay!). Even though my heart rate was in zone 3-4 for most of my run (Not always a good thing but HR wasn't something I was supposed to focus on for this run) and then I chatted with the hubby to see how his run was. He ran WAY faster than me (which is usual) but at a much lower heart rate. Which, for some reason, totally set me off. I started getting all anxious / frustrated and went from thinking I had a good workout to thinking that I was even slower than I imagined and that I wasn't going to get any faster, blah blah blah. Oh it was messy. I never cease to amaze myself at how I can turn on a dime. I eventually stopped snivelling like Chicken Little and saw the positive side of my workout (it was a beautiful day out and I'm faster than I was in September). So all is well in Phaedra's head right now.

I just have to make sure I remember that the next time I start to have a meltdown. Who knew that training for an Ironman would turn me in to even more of a headcase?


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