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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Ride On

For all the whinging I've been doing about my running, I seem to have managed to ignore all the positive gains in my cycling. I had to do a lactate balance point ride on Tuesday night (well, it was technically 2.5 beats above my lactate balance point) for an hour on the trainer to see what pace I could hold. The last time I did that ride was 2 weeks ago at my actual lactate balance point (137.5) and my average speed for the hour was 23.7 km/hr. This week, my average speed was 25.4 km /hr. I was supposed to keep my average HR at 140 but it ended up being 137. So, it looks like I am at least getting faster at a lower heart rate on my bike. YAY! I'm looking forward to getting outside! There is a group of us that is planning on heading to South Carolina at the beginning of April to ride for the week. I can't WAIT! I have never been there and the riding is supposed to be stellar. I hope to have a new bike by then as well. WOOHOO!

Work has been busy so I had a couple of days this week where what I was putting in to my body was less than ideal. At least the stuff I was snacking on anyway. Yesterday in particular. We were shooting and when we're shooting there is always so much CRAP around--I have the WORST sweet tooth so I'm constantly munching on cookies or candies. I had far too many licorice allsorts yesterday afternoon. I paid the price dearly--I had a HORRIBLE sleep and no energy when I got up this morning. And my swim was a struggle to say the least. I really need to learn a little self control when it comes to the "goodie table"!


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