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Thursday, May 11, 2006

So Many Things To Do...

and so little time to do them. Despite the fact that this is an easy week, I still seem to be pressed for time! Doesn't help that work is busy either. I have been meaning to call and make a massage appointment for next Wednesday. Haven't done that yet. I desperately need a hair cut, the fro is getting a little out of control--not sure when I'll be able to do that. I thought we'd have time this weekend, but Saturday night we're going to a 40th birthday party and Sunday, Gary is racing and then we're going to my folks place for Mother's Day. We only have a 3 hour ride this weekend but by the time we get out to Milton, ride, pack up and get back home it will probably be about 1:00 pm. I have been wanting to try making this pulled pork recipe that I have in this awesome BBQ book (Taming the Flame by Elizabeth Karmel--HIGHLY recommend it!) but it takes 5 hours to cook! I think I might give it a go on Saturday afternoon when we get back from the ride. I just have to make sure I have everything ready and hope to GOD that the propane doesn't run out on the BBQ! I hope it will be done before we leave for the birthday party!!
I had also wanted to do a little work in the garden this weekend as well--but it may be raining so that nixes that. The rhubarb has grown like crazy. It's sprouting leaves EVERYWHERE! And the stalks are REALLY thick. I'll have to pick some before the long weekend so I can give it to Teresa. I think I'm going to make that rhubarb compote I made last year---SOOOOO Good! not sure when I'll do that but I will do it!!


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