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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Food for thought

Well, we're back to the "normal" grind of 12-13 hours a week of training. I like the cycle of 3 weeks build, one week easy because by the time that easy week rolls around I am SO ready for it! I have been reading up on nutrition the last couple of days. I really have to start paying attention to my diet--I was sick a couple of weeks ago and I was sick twice in December so I am obviously missing something in my diet that helps build my immune system. I have started taking supplements like elderberry and astralagus (which I have in liquid form and it is GROSS) It also looks like I am going to have to start eating meat on a fairly regular basis. I just can't bring myself to buy meat at the grocery store and Gary won't eat organic chicken the odd time I buy it at butchers. arg. Looks like I'll be buying double so both of us can be happy. It's amazing how our grocery bills have started to creep up in the last 2 months or so! I wonder what they're going to be like by the time summer rolls around!!! Not to mention all the Gatorade, gels & Clif bars that we eat / drink. But, I knew going in to this that doing an Ironman wasn't cheap.
I'm also trying to find better ways of baking---by that I mean baking with all natural ingredients like honey, molasses, whole wheat flour etc. Because let's face it, I LOOOOOOVE the goodies and if I can make something that is "better" for me that still allows me to fufill my sweet tooth, then I am ALL over it! I saw a couple of books online that look like they may be good so I think I'll order them. Perhaps this will be a diet change that I will stick with even after all this training is done. Although, nothing beats a really good cheesecake.


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