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Monday, March 27, 2006

Around the Bay

Yesterday myself and a few of the other Gu Eaters travelled out to Hamilton to take part in the Around the Bay 30km. I had run this race 3 years ago and it was an ok sized crowd at that point (probably about 3000 people). Yesterday there were about 7000 runners! Apparently that was a record turnout. It was a GORGEOUS day and I was TOTALLY overdressed. I think by about 10 km in I was also VERY dehydrated. But I chugged along. I felt pretty strong especially since I had done a 3 hour bike, 30 minute run the day before. I couldn't seem to get my heart rate down now matter how hard I tried. So, I just kept running at my goal pace (5:15 km's) and hoped that I wouldn't blow up (I didn't). My legs felt good until about 20 km and then they started to hurt. I ran strong up the hills so I was really happy about that (passing a lot of people). I chugged my way up the last nasy hill and almost barfed up a lung as I got to the top. So I slowed down a bit to get my legs back (they felt a little jello-y) and then settled back in to my pace. I could feel something was not right with my left foot but I motored on. At the 28km aid station I had to stop. My toenail felt like it had caught on my sock and was pulling up. GROSS!!!!! So I had to stop and tape up my toenail so it didn't come off. That was a 3-4 minute ordeal. After that, I had this insane burst of energy that had me running 4:35 km's for the last 2km. I felt strong, my legs felt tired but still pretty strong so I decided to give 'er. Plus I really wanted to make it under 2h 40 min. I didn't--I came in at 2:40:51. But, I know I would have had I not stopped to fix my toe. So, I am still pretty pleased with the effort. And, I'm feeling it today. My quads are tight and my toenail, well, let's just say, it's seen better days. I really wish it was warmer so I didn't have to wear socks--putting socks and shoes on this morning was a tad bit uncomfortable. The things we put ourselves through to reach our goals!


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