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Friday, March 03, 2006

You Say It's Your Birthday?!

Well, it's my birthday too, yeah!!

yes it is. Happy 35th to me. I have had a super crappy week, and a super crappy start to my birthday by having to come in to work when I was supposed to be off. Oh well. At least I get to go home early so that counts for something! And my hubby gave me the BEST card ever this morning. It made me cry. He's so awesome. 8)

I did my 2 hour and 20 minute ride this morning so I won't have to get up to do it tomorrow because something tells me I'm not going to be in the best shape.....hehehehe. Oh well, that's what birthday's are for!

I might have pictures to post here as well--we'll see. The last time we brought the digital camera out and there were drinks involved, the camera got left in a cab......very sad.

Lookin' forward to letting my hair down--oh wait, it is about just looking foward to hanging out with some good friends!

Giddy up!


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