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Monday, March 13, 2006

Good Day Sunshine!

At least that's what I was singing when I woke up Saturday morning to see the sun and the thermometer above zero! Nice enough to ride outside! So that's what we did. Myself, Gary, Rick, Sue, Jamie, Theresa & Mike, all drove up to our regular meeting place at Keele & MacNaughton and did our first outside ride of the season. It was AWESOME! I took the new wheels for a spin along with my new shoes. What a difference! My new bike is a nice climber. I had no problem getting up Strawberry Hill (ok, my heart rate was stupidly high but it wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be). It was a beautiful day! I actually got a little sunburnt as well--although it was probably a combination of windburn as well since it was pretty windy on the way back. We rode for just over 3 hours. My legs were done by the time we got back. The last few hills were a bit of a struggle, but I didn't care, I was happy to be outside!!

Sunday I had a 2.5 hour Ironman pace run. Now THAT was hard. MY legs were fried from the day before so this run was a sufferfest. I was doing ok until about 1h 40 min and then the meltdown began. I literally shuffled the rest of the way. My legs were done. Gary ran with me for the last half of the run. That never happens (he's too fast) but he paced me and kept me company which helped immensely. I was SOOOOOO happy to have that run over and done with. Now hopefully it won't take me 2 days to recover like it did last time!!


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