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Friday, May 26, 2006

Crunch Time!

I'm now officially just weeks away from the BIG DAY. 57 to be exact. And I'm sick. Yup, I have a NASTY cold. Actually probably more like the flu. And I'm sure it's from the RIDICULOUS weather we had this past weekend. A bunch of us went up North to Cabana Cadman and took part in a 6 hour sufferfest on the bike (good thing I had some of my winter gear!!) on the Saturday and then a 2 hour run in the snow--yes, I said SNOW--on Sunday. The weekend was fun even though it was freezing. I actually had a decent ride and a decent run. Probably a good thing since I haven't done anything since Monday and I know these next few workouts are going to suck as I'm coming off a cold. Gary is sick as well. Cooties galore in the Kennedy household! I have a 6 hour ride scheduled for tomorrow and a 2:15 run on Sunday. It's supposed to be sunny and HOT tomorrow and Sunday (FINALLY!!) so I"m looking forward to the ride. I don't know if I'll go the full 6 hours--I'll have to see how I feel. I don't want to push myself if I'm not feeling 100%. We're going to be in Lake Placid next weekend for a training camp and I want to be 100% for that.


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